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David Boureau

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Hi, it's David.

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I’m a web developer based in Paris, France. I graduated a master in computer sciences, started my career as a back-end developer, have held various position as tester, quality leader, project leader, mentor, always keeping hands on code. I switched to front-end technologies years ago and now I am focused full-time on what I love doing: building great software.

Some things I look for in the things I work on:

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Recent projects

Pix : My last project (ended mid-2017). Pix is an open source project, initiated by the French ministry of education. This is probably my greatest project so far. We have reached a crazy level of quality, productivity, with a great, warm and professional atmosphere. I wish all my future projects look like this one. (EmberJS, NodeJS, SinonJS, SASS, ES6)

Edge-Factory : I worked as a contractor for Edge-Factory, a startup that aims to provide an analytical and management tool for leaders of mid-size companies. I built the front-part of the MVP, which was really tricky due to the heavy graphism requirements. (React.js, Redux, Inuit.scss, SketchApp, Node.js, SVG)

Livementor : Livementor allows online tuition and tutoring. I worked there 6 month working on all aspect of the software, from database to responsive design. (Ruby on Rails, SASS, PostGreSQL)

France TV : Auditing French television is one of the thing I’m the most proud of, professionnally speaking. I audited & created recommendations for their application that feed the news for journalists. (AngularJS)

Impatient-Jekyll : One of my open-source project : The ability to have a fully automated front-end workflow while keeping a decent tool to built any static website was badly missing to me.(Web performance, SASS, Javascript, JekyllRB, Node.js)

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Random stuff I enjoy

A good chat: There’s nothing like an interesting chat over a fresh beer (maybe a couple), talking about startup, programming, cooking, cats, anything really. If you’re in town and want to meet up, be sure to holler!

Cooking: Don’t ask me why, but I love to cook. I try new recipes as much as I can, taking note on what failed and what can be done the next time to improve the recipe.

Sport: Just any, as long as I’m exhausted after practicing it.