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The simplest landing page

28 February, 2017


A demo for the impatients is available here.

If you are working in a startup, you will probably need a landing page for a marketing campaign under heavy time & budget contraints.

This means :

IMHO, the best starting point for a landing page, is :

Don’t spend more than 1–2 days on it. A very long but interesting explanation is here.


The only thing that should cost you time and energy is copywriting.


Anything else should be free - and actually is , with very low technical skills.

Here is what I recommend :

  1. If you don’t agree with bullets points above, I suggest you again the reading of this “epic guide” which largely motivated this simple template.
  2. Write content inside a Google Doc, you should always start design with content.
  3. Subscribe to Crisp.Im, Google Analytics, Payfacile, Formspree.
  4. Go to the GitHub repository of the raw template and follow instructions.
  5. Deploy this raw Template to GitHub pages.
  6. (optional) if you want a custom domain, you can buy it at namecheap.com - the only paying stuff of the tutorial, you can get a decent domain for less than 1$ a year.