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What Bootstrap 4 looks like

23 June, 2016

Here is a giant collection of all visual elements, extracted from Bootstrap 4 docs.

Short version

The giant asset page is here : http://bdavidxyz.github.io/yourown-bootstrap4/all.html

Long version

I’m creating your yourown-bootstrap4, an work-in-progress open-source project that will allow you to create your own bootstrap 4 theme “the right way” : it will give you a fast local workflow, an optimised, fast rendering once in production, a good documentation so that will focus on design, not technical details. And, finally, a way to visually check how your whole bootstrap distribution will look like : a big collection of all visual elements, extracted from Bootstrap 4 docs, that cover every corner cases.

You can also think about it as an automatic style guide for your own theme.

This task is done, even if the whole job is not.

I presume the impatients will be happy to see what the new Bootstrap will look like.

I know there is already the official Bootstrap 4 docs that show all elements, but

So, here is the whole page.

Don’t expect a bunch of new spectacular visual components. There are some good new things of course, but the huge gap compared to Bootstrap 3 relies in the underlying code, which is now extremely easier and pleasant to use. This is the topic for another article I presume.

For Bootstrap 3 the job has been done many times, see this Stackoverflow question.

There are no comments (yet) on this website, maybe the next time :)

Enjoy !